A restaurant criticized its customers on social media. In other news, man bites dog.

Happy Friday everyone!

This week I learned about a restaurant which criticized a customer after they posted a negative review of their establishment. I have never heard of this and don’t know how it will go over. But it sure is funny!

My friend and colleague John Tully shared an article about so-called “Click Farms” where people can basically purchase “Likes” on their social media profiles. These can be a problem, but there is an easy solution: don’t use Likes, Followers or Shares as metrics for success! Instead, focus on generating business as your success metric!

Reddit, the so-called front page of the Internet, is beginning to create original video content. This is an interesting move for them, as most Internet virality begins at Reddit, so they are very well-established.

Finally this week, I present one of my all-time favorite news blooper clips. I’ve seen this dozens of times over the past 10 years and it still cracks me up every time.

Have a great weekend!

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