A social network that pays you!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This week on Social Media Unscrambled we had a blast and learned a lot from Mandy Edwards, of Me Marketing Service. If you want to learn about social media ads and etiquette have a listen!

The other day a friend introduced me to a social network that actually pays you. If you would like to sign up please reply to this email and I’ll happily get you an invitation! (See how that works?)

The Guardian asked a somewhat-rhetorical question, “Can social media platforms replace a business website?” Let me answer this one: NO!!! Your website is supposed to highlight your products and services, where social media is the place to connect with your customers, strategic partners etc. It’s like suggesting a television can replace your phone. Please friends, don’t scrap your website for social!

Wired shared a disturbing and eye-opening story about the people who filter online content and the mental toll it takes on the workers. Have a read, but it is a bit disturbing.

Finally, to honor Halloween I present you with this not-at-all-funny true story that will probably creep you out. It sure did for me.

Have a great weekend!

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