An interview with the (now former) CEO of Ashley Madison. Seriously — This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you had a fantastic summer!

This week I found an interview with the (now former) CEO of Ashley Madison, the now-famous social media site that enabled extramarital affairs that was hacked. Have a listen as he discusses relationships, why people cheat and much more.

As it turns out, LinkedIn does indeed judge you. Specifically, they judge how good you are at using LinkedIn. Here’s a link that tallies up your LinkedIn impact score with their “Social Selling Index.”  (PS — I’m at 85 out of 100.)

Ever wonder how some companies absolutely win at using social media? Wonder no more: check out these hilarious and true examples of how brands have effectively used social media to their advantage.

My friend and colleague Rick Gilman shared an article discussing five mobile apps that can make your life easier. In theory all this social media stuff is supposed to make your life easier, isn’t it?

Finally watch what happens when puppies and kittens play with a new Star Wars toy called the BB-8.

Have a great weekend!

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