Do You Know Which Video Broke YouTube?

Happy Friday everyone!

Perhaps you have heard of the video Gangnam Style from Korean megastar Psy? Welp, this was the most popular video in YouTube history; in fact, it was so popular it actually broke their counter system. Read the full story. Personally I don’t get the appeal of this song, but I guess I’m just out of touch. And possibly too old.

My client and colleague Steve Peck from New Agency Partners shared this important 60-Minutes news report on cybersecurity. It’s worth watching; have a look. Thanks for sharing Steve!

I am a big fan of using as a link shortener and analytical tool. They are now using something called which will help encourage donations to the American Red Cross. Check it out!

Finally, check out this video of a seal doing something unspeakable to a poor penguin. While I used to believe seals were big, cute sea puppies, now I think they are just jerks.  PS — why don’t the other penguins do something?

Have a great weekend!

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