Facebook is helping to save a New Jersey restaurant. Here’s how: this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone!

First of all, I am thrilled to announce that my podcast, Social Media Unscrambled, is back and better than ever! Have a listen to Episode 77 where Chris Curran and I share lots of great information — along with plenty of laughter — about growing your business with social media.

A restaurant in the quaint town of Clinton, NJ was on the verge of collapse due to a landlord which put a for-sale sign on the property, leading people to believe that the restaurant was closed. They posted a somewhat-desperate plea on Facebook, explaining that they were not closed at all. This one posting spread on Facebook fairly quickly and may have saved their business. Read the article to learn more.

Social media can be a great place to gather health news. However, it can also be a purveyor of misleading information. This past week a story went viral saying that eating processed meat carries the same health risks as smoking, sending my bacon-loving friends into a bit of a tizzy. This information turned out to be misleading, to say the least. So yes, take your social media news with a grin of salt, especially when it comes to health and nutrition.

My friend and colleague Ralph M. Rivera posted a funny story where Prince started on Instagram, calling it Princetagram. Why didn’t I think of that pun?

Finally, have a look at this great headless Halloween prank video.

Have a great weekend!

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