Facebook will not have a “dislike” button. Instead, they will have this: This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone!

A couple of weeks ago my news round-up suggested that a Facebook dislike button could trigger World War III. Instead of adding a dislike button, Facebook is now allowing people to quickly comment on messages with your choice of six emojis. It’s a better idea than a  dislike option in my opinion. We’ll see how it works out.

Speaking of Facebook, they recently made some changes to how their advertisements reach their intended audience with so-called “lead ads.” This could be big for people looking to maximize their advertising impact; have a read.

If you run a local business and think Twitter isn’t for you, think again: I found an article that can help you get started using Twitter to get more business right away.

The other day I heard about this new app called Peeple, which apparently allows you to rate people the way Yelp allows you to rate businesses. Because nothing could ever go wrong with this. After all, everyone knows the Internet is a safe place for polite conversations between anonymous people around the world. (In case you didn’t catch it, that was sarcasm; I haven’t found a good emoji to express this however.)

Finally, last week I posted a video of a dog feeling very guilty about something. Now I present a bunch of cats expressing their guilt as well. Guilty animals are a guilty pleasure I suppose.

Have a great weekend!

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