Great news: Disney banned selfie sticks! This week in social media

Happy Friday everyone!

Great news: Disney has officially banned selfie sticks! Granted, they did so for safety reasons. But I hope this catches on and they get banned everywhere. Forever.

For some time now first responders have known that social media can be a great way to help save lives and protect property. Finally they are starting to put some of that into action. Have a look and see how they are doing it.

Break out the tissues folks: a friend of mine is a public school music teacher who also happens to have a very large YouTube audience. In fact, his students have sung for the White House, the Academy Awards and for many celebrities. More recently he turned his love of music closer to home; have a look at the inspiring song he created for a fellow teacher who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Here’s a slightly disturbing story: hackers recently hacked into a guy’s Jeep and took it over while he was driving. This cannot be a good thing.

Finally, this review of the movie Pixels is amazing, awe-inspiring and full of inappropriate and unprofessional language. Watch at your own risk, and make sure the volume it turned down.

Have a great weekend!

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