Loose Tweets Sink Fleets – This week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone!

This week a remarkable story came out on the New York Times: author Jon Ronson interviews people who had their lives ruined by a single tweet. It’s a great read; have a look.

And, a young girl Tweeted herself out of a job in Texas. While this was less dramatic than the previous story, it serves as a reminder: if you have to think twice about sharing something, don’t share it.

Along these lines the UK recently passed a law saying anyone engaged in “revenge porn” could spend up to two years in prison. This is becoming a big issue, so think twice before you get too vengeful about that breakup.

Finally, here are ten hilarious tips on how to look smarter in meetings. After all, what is more important that appearing to know what you are talking about?

Have a great weekend!

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