“May your life be as amazing as you pretend it is on social media.” This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone!

This week comes a cautionary tale: a young Australian woman projected the image of a perfect life on Instagram when in reality she was depressed and addicted. She has since deleted her Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts and has effectively declared war on social media. While she may be overreacting by calling social media an “illusion” this is an important story so please take the time to read it.

Along these lines, Mark Schaefer discusses how mobile devices are indeed impacting how we have conversations. Mark bluntly says we need to “get over it” and adapt to this new model of human communication. Agree or disagree, it’s another article worth reading.

One question I am often asked: which social media platform is right for me? Well, it depends. This article posted on LinkedIn might help guide you in the right direction however.

Finally, my friend Christine Clifton shares this awesome video of a dog jumping in fall leaves. Just awesome.

Have a great weekend!

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