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Facebook makes big changes — please read

Happy Friday everyone! Two big changes came to Facebook: first, they changed how they charge for ads. While some find this annoying, please keep in mind that targeted advertising on Facebook is still one of the best and cheapest ways to get people to engage with your company. So don’t give up on them. Second, they revamped what you see in your […]

The mental health costs of entrepreneurship — this week in social media

Happy Fourth of July weekend everyone! Shortly before sending this week’s news round-up I came across this very important article regarding mental health issues some, if not many, entrepreneurs and founders deal with on a daily basis. Oftentimes entrepreneurship is viewed as glamorous, but the reality is many founders (myself included) deal with various mental health issues, […]

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Using Facebook ads the right way

Happy Friday everyone! With over 1 billion active users, Facebook advertising can connect you with your audience at a relatively low cost — if you do it right. Here are some tips on targeting those ads correctly. Images and videos are some of the best ways to connect with your audience. Here are some tips on how […]

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The best way to use video to make money is… this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone! This is perhaps the most important social media news item of the year. Nay, the decade. Have a look. Many people have asked me how to make video go viral. Frankly I don’t know how to do it, and I’m not sure if you should even try. Instead, focus on making great video […]

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Which social media tool is right for you? This week in social media

Happy Friday everyone! Which social media tool is right for you and your business? Not every tool is right for every business. Here’s a great primer on where to start. If someone posts something negative about your company — whether true or not — the consequences can be huge. This happened when someone took a picture at the offices […]

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KLM Airlines earns $25 million in annual revenue with social media. Learn from them

Happy Friday everyone! My friend and colleague Christine Clifton forwarded me this article about how KLM Airlines earns $25 million in annual revenue with their pioneering social media customer service department. Read about it and learn from them! Twitter is an amazing tool which allows for highly efficient global mass communication in the form of micro-blogs, or […]

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A restaurant criticized its customers on social media. In other news, man bites dog.

Happy Friday everyone! This week I learned about a restaurant which criticized a customer after they posted a negative review of their establishment. I have never heard of this and don’t know how it will go over. But it sure is funny! My friend and colleague John Tully shared an article about so-called “Click Farms” where people can basically purchase “Likes” […]

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“Your Honor, please don’t post case details on Facebook.” Sadly, this needs to be said.

Happy Friday everyone! This week I learned that even judges make stupid decisions on social media. I’ll let Mike Tyson take it from here: The social media chief for the Houston Rockets posted some pretty offensive stuff on Twitter and was promptly fired for it. Some say it was an excessive punishment, but again, why would […]

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Happy Friday everyone! On April 21st Google will require that your website must be mobile enabled to come up in their search engine. Indeed, one study suggests that some 57% of top accounting firms are not ready.  Click here to see if your site is ready; if not I know several good developers who can help you, and I’d […]

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Comedian John Oliver explains Twitter in the most amazing way

Happy Friday everyone! Comedian John Oliver explains Twitter better than just about anyone. Take a look at his YouTube video above to understand how Twitter works and why many big brands don’t get it. Speaking of brands who don’t get it: SeaWorld tried to engage in a conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #AskSeaWorld. Welp, they got a conversation started alright, but […]