LinkedIn Open Networking (LION) should go away. Here’s why. This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! A colleague of mine wrote an article about the need to retire the L.I.O.N. designation. This stands for LinkedIn Open Networker, and basically says that they will connect with anyone on LinkedIn. This is a poor way to do business on LinkedIn so I totally agree with his assessment. Instagram has temporarily […]

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“May your life be as amazing as you pretend it is on social media.” This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! This week comes a cautionary tale: a young Australian woman projected the image of a perfect life on Instagram when in reality she was depressed and addicted. She has since deleted her Instagram, Facebook and YouTube accounts and has effectively declared war on social media. While she may be overreacting by calling social media […]

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Facebook is helping to save a New Jersey restaurant. Here’s how: this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone! First of all, I am thrilled to announce that my podcast, Social Media Unscrambled, is back and better than ever! Have a listen to Episode 77 where Chris Curran and I share lots of great information — along with plenty of laughter — about growing your business with social media. A restaurant in the quaint […]

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Hostess goofed big-time on Twitter. Or did they?

Happy Friday everyone! This week Hostess Cupcakes made a mistake when promoting their baseball-themed cupcakes. Or did they? See the article and decide for yourself. Thanks to Ken Toumey for sharing! Forbes is the latest publication to urge business owners to get on social media. In their words, you need to get on yesterday. (Psst — I can […]


Get Ready for More LinkedIn Changes

Happy Friday everyone! Yay, more changes have come to LinkedIn! (That was sarcastic.) Take a look here to review some of them, and let me know if you have any questions. Here are six ways Instagram can help your business. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram; it is a very popular social networking site, and odds are […]

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Is social media helping fuel the illegal drug trade?

Happy post-holidays everyone — let’s get this year started right! If you or your kids are using Instagram, take note: in addition to pictures of sepia-filtered selfies, the popular photo-sharing social network also features drug dealing. Have a look to learn more; I wonder if other applications like Pinterest are doing the same thing. Looking to take your Google searches to the […]