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Facebook will not have a “dislike” button. Instead, they will have this: This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of weeks ago my news round-up suggested that a Facebook dislike button could trigger World War III. Instead of adding a dislike button, Facebook is now allowing people to quickly comment on messages with your choice of six emojis. It’s a better idea than a  dislike option in my opinion. […]

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A restaurant criticized its customers on social media. In other news, man bites dog.

Happy Friday everyone! This week I learned about a restaurant which criticized a customer after they posted a negative review of their establishment. I have never heard of this and don’t know how it will go over. But it sure is funny! My friend and colleague John Tully shared an article about so-called “Click Farms” where people can basically purchase “Likes” […]

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Using LinkedIn to lose business

So there I was, minding my own business, when I get the following message on LinkedIn:   This message is pretty awful and violates just about every LinkedIn etiquette rule out there. Shall we count the ways? ​His profile picture is awful. Does it make a good first impression when your picture looks like the guy in […]

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If You Must Commit a Felony, Please Don’t Brag About it on Facebook: This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! A Florida woman committed multiple felonies and literally dared law enforcement to come after her. Welp, they took her dare, and she got a 21-year prison sentence. Friends, don’t commit a felony. But if you absolutely must, please don’t boast about it. Twitter is rolling out a new private chat feature. There are already lots of private […]


Get Ready for More LinkedIn Changes

Happy Friday everyone! Yay, more changes have come to LinkedIn! (That was sarcastic.) Take a look here to review some of them, and let me know if you have any questions. Here are six ways Instagram can help your business. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram; it is a very popular social networking site, and odds are […]

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Understanding Social Media Risks: this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone! One very stupid used car dealership bullied a pizza delivery man, and the event was recorded on video. This stunt may well cause the end of their business, as well it should. Everything is recorded these days folks, so be careful out there. While we are on such a cheery topic, Entrepreneur Magazine lists 14 different ways social media […]

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Is social media helping fuel the illegal drug trade?

Happy post-holidays everyone — let’s get this year started right! If you or your kids are using Instagram, take note: in addition to pictures of sepia-filtered selfies, the popular photo-sharing social network also features drug dealing. Have a look to learn more; I wonder if other applications like Pinterest are doing the same thing. Looking to take your Google searches to the […]

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The State of Social Media in 2014 and Beyond

Happy Friday everyone! What a year it has been, both in the industry and my 4 1/2 year career as a social media strategist. In my opinion 2014 was the year when the general public began to realize that social media is here to stay. The fact that grandparents are furiously poking their grandchildren on Facebook only solidifies social media’s long-term staying power. Indeed I believe […]

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Grumpy Cat Earned HOW MUCH??

Happy Friday everyone! Recently we learned that Grumpy Cat, the tiny cat with a grumpy face that went viral, earned her owner $100 million in two years. The best news about this? She is a former waitress who earned more than Kim Kardashian. Go Grumpy Cat! LinkedIn is making some big changes to how their InMail system works. Click […]

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How to be Annoying on Social Media — This Week in Social Media

Happy Friday everyone! This week on Social Media Unscrambled we had a very intense and frank conversation with Ralph M. and Carol Lynn Rivera from Rahvalor that had nothing to do with social media. Instead we discussed the future of our show as we feel we have reached a crossroads. Since I suspect many entrepreneurs go through something similar I’d suggest […]