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Facebook is helping to save a New Jersey restaurant. Here’s how: this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone! First of all, I am thrilled to announce that my podcast, Social Media Unscrambled, is back and better than ever! Have a listen to Episode 77 where Chris Curran and I share lots of great information — along with plenty of laughter — about growing your business with social media. A restaurant in the quaint […]

President Obama and Governor Chris Christie, putting aside political differences to do the right thing. That's the American way.

Post-Election Thoughts

Throughout the 2012 election cycle I have avoided making comments for one Presidential candidate or against another on my personal or professional social media sites.  My reasons for this can be found here.   However, I believe we can learn a lot from this contentious political season.  And if we apply what we have learned […]

No, seriously. This is in New Jersey. The REAL Garden State.

In Defense of New Jersey

Today I would like to discuss something outside my normal topic of social media. Instead, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I would like to defend my home state, New Jersey. Okay, I get it.  New Jersey’s reputation isn’t exactly stellar.  We are known for The Real(ly annoying) Housewives, the Jersey Shore (natives are quick to […]