The best way to use video to make money is… this week in social media

Happy Friday everyone!

This is perhaps the most important social media news item of the year. Nay, the decade. Have a look.

Many people have asked me how to make video go viral. Frankly I don’t know how to do it, and I’m not sure if you should even try. Instead, focus on making great video content with your audience in mind. To that end, YouTube conveniently tells you how to do that. In a nutshell: be authentic and hit people in the heart, not the head. (Plug: I’ve used Grey Sky Films for my films in the past. Give them a call and say hi for me!)

Some think that YouTube is facing stiff competition from Facebook videos and they might someday overtake them. It is great to see two online giants compete for business; may the best platform win!

Apparently I have to say this again and again: don’t post racist stuff on social media, and don’t say inappropriate stuff about your boss especially if you are connected to him or her! Come on people! Seriously?!?

Finally, in the ever-raging battle between truth and fiction, Apple proves yet again that truth is indeed the stranger of the two.

Have a great weekend!

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