Which social media tool is right for you? This week in social media

Happy Friday everyone!

Which social media tool is right for you and your business? Not every tool is right for every business. Here’s a great primer on where to start.

If someone posts something negative about your company — whether true or not — the consequences can be huge. This happened when someone took a picture at the offices of Lilly Pulitzer, a fashion brand, and shared it on social. How would you respond if something like this happened to you?

On the flip-side, man was fat-shamed and cyberbullied after he shared a video of his dancing. Later a bunch of Hollywood celebrities flew him from England to California and threw a party for him.

A major problem in this instant-gratification age is that journalists don’t perform their due diligence on news articles. My friend Max Weinsteinshared how this problem has extended into science, where a journalist fooled the world with a fake scientific article.

Finally, many of you know I am not a sports fan. For those of us who don’t care for sports, have a look at the funniest — and most accurate — comic about sports I have ever seen.

Have a great weekend!

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