Yes, you can quit Facebook if you want. Here’s how.

Happy Friday everyone!

Some people complain they are inundated with information and want to get off Facebook. It may seem impossible to some but it’s not; this article from FastCompany shows us how.

If you have been on Facebook at all over the past few days you have heard about the American dentist who killed a beloved lion in Africa. His career is basically over because of this, and some say the overreaction has gone too far. (You can include me in the overreaction camp.)

Noted prognosticator Malcolm Gladwell prognosticates on the state of social media in 2015. It’s well worth reading.

Yelp, the popular rating site, appears to be crashing and burning as of right now. I’m not sure how they make money to this day so I guess it’s not terribly surprising.

Finally, watch what happens when five Persian kittens meet a toy bug. In a nutshell, it’s seven minutes of adorableness.

Have a great weekend!

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